'Enjoy a few drinks but want to cut down?

This site has been developed for people like you who want to drink a bit less but still enjoy yourself.’

Learn from the experiences of other drinkers who have tried or are still trying. Join in – join the booze talkers.

Self help unit measurement tool


Tell us how much you drink in a typical week and get personal tailored advice.

We can show you what your level of drinking means and how you compare to the rest of the UK.
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Self help unit measurement tool


If you want to cut down on your drinking the first step is to work out how much you are drinking right now.

Start measuring your units and keep track of your drinking with our handy tool.
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Terms and Conditions
This website offers advice on how to cut down and general information about alcohol.
Anyone with serious concerns about their drinking and its effect on their health should consult their GP.
* Regularly means every day or most days of the week (not just drinking at these levels once a week).

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